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When you are not the mind itself--you are the slave of it--will shortly post how that works and manifest

when study required--the mind is in control--when all in all ways done in one--you r directing

this is a cool and con tentious issue--as we have allowed separation to exist as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious as we have allowed the past, present and future to exist as if it is real--and in this reality attachment we have enslaved ourselves to the point where we r unable to remain self honest in every breath as certain situations now become valid to be self dishonest, because we need something to do something--or reason dictates--or the reptilian logic dictates as the design videos showed


much care to be taken--when the starting point is screwed--intention is screwed--as one and equal in that is not here

we have become what we r due to starting points and intentions and our allowances of opinions and diversity in the name of our own requirement to be right--fear of enslavement is a statement of enslavement--because we state that we do not have self trust to make the highest choice for all as one--which will indicate we are not applying self forgiveness and self honesty--so any fear expressed or subject to express by definition indicates starting point diversity that is in its nature separation and thus inevitably cause friction as separation only manifest good and bad--and if you are good--who is playing the bad part in the equation?


It is not mastering the mind--that is separation--it is to realise you are the mind

in the beginning--we created the mind to create with and through--this act cause separation and all that followed

the techniques we suggest have been tested to assist self to be self directed as all as one--that would include the mind--then study is self expression as you are studying self as mathematics for instance

really fascinating stuff

as of today--the current unified field called the world is being flooded through the subconscious to the conscious as is the case with the subconscious as well--all 3 minds are then harmonically placed as one and equal in terms of the existence of each part of this field--this placement then ask--who am I and what am I as equal and one here in every breath--this is the shortest route to reestablish self as all as one as equal

this will take as long as it take--so--feedback of experiences will be cool

remain available to all experiences to answer the self design question--who am I in relation to all as one as an equal--this is not a relationship--but an expression of equality and oneness as self and accordingly each will walk their own path to self awareness as life--which is termed--birthing self

it is done


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