By: Dimensions
28 April 2010

A Point of ‘Process Support’
We in the ‘Dimensions’ – ‘Interdimensional Physical Existence’ – have been walking a Particular ‘Understanding’ of a Particular-‘Point’ with regards to one’s ‘Inner-World’ and ‘Outer-World’ and, the Relationship between one’s Inner-World and Outer-World and one’s Interaction ‘within’-that Environment ‘as’-which we ‘Exist’ as our ‘Inner-World’ and our ‘Outer-World’ simultaneously.

What we have been describing or giving perspective of within Material and Videos, is that your ‘Inner-World’ is’ Equal-to’ and ‘One-with’ your ‘Outer-World’ . Within-that we have also ‘emphasized’ the ‘Importance’ of Assisting and Supporting ‘Self’ in ‘Self- Change’ both ‘within’ and ‘without’, so that one’s ‘Inner-World’ and ‘Outer-World’ become ‘Equal and One’ as ‘Self ‘within the Principle of ‘Equality and Oneness as What’s Best for All’ –meaning that, who you are ‘within’ is ‘Lived-without’ in your ‘Actions’ and your ‘Words’, so that what you ‘Speak’ and ‘Live’ are ‘In-Fact’: You’.

Now, within our ‘Understanding’ in relation to ‘Self Change’ in Walking one’s Process ‘Within’ and ‘Without’, is that the Starting Point is ‘Within’ meaning, that one first has to ‘Change Self’ on the ‘inside’ to only-then inevitably when one ‘feel’ or ‘experience’ Self to be ‘ready’, then only ‘live’ that ‘Inner-Change’ within one’s immediate ‘Direct Reality’ or ‘World’ on the ‘outside’.

Now, what is fascinating within such a Starting Point ‘Understanding ‘or ‘Participation’ is that you’re Living a Statement of Separation. Meaning, for example, let’s take. Let’s take the example of ‘Directive Principle’ and taking ‘us’ as an ‘Example ‘.
We’ve been wanting-to ‘Change’ our ‘Inner-Self’ our ‘Inner-World’ in becoming ‘Directive’ a and ‘Stand’-as a ‘Directive Principle’ –but, what’s interesting is that if you look-at your ‘Inner-World’, your ‘Inner-World’ ‘consist’-of and ‘exist’-as mainly ‘Manifested Information’ –there’s no ‘tangible’ Practical Action in ‘Physical Reality’ that one can ‘Express’ within one’s ‘Inner-World’ only –the Practical Living ‘Action’ happens within your Actual ‘Physical Participation’ in your ‘Outside-World’.

So, we have spent quite some time only ‘attempting’-to and ‘trying’-to first change our ‘Inner-World’ into becoming and Standing as a ‘Directive Principle’ Point without ‘considering’ that in Actually being able to Become the ‘Directive Principle’, you have to ‘Live-You’ As ‘Directive Principle’ which can only be done within your ‘Outer World’.
So, we have in-essence for quite a while wasted the resources of ourselves in ‘spending-time’ in ‘wasting ourselves ‘within ‘attempts’-to ‘’Change our Inner-Selves’ to inevitably ‘Change’ our ‘Outer-Worlds’ instead of ‘Realizing ‘that, the Actuality of ‘Self Change’ happens through ‘Living’ and ‘Directing’ one’s ‘Experience of Self’ within one’s ‘Outer World’ and through Living-‘that’ within one’s ‘Outer-World’, one’s ‘Inner-World’ Immediately ‘Change’. In other words, let’s say for example you are taking-on the point of ‘Self Directive Principle’. Now, the ‘Key’ to ‘Self Change’ ‘within’ –meaning to ‘Become’ the ‘Living Self Directive Principle’, is to Immediately ‘Live’ ‘Directive Principle’ within one’s ‘Outer-World’, ‘Apply’ ‘Directive Principle’ ‘practically’ within one’s ‘Outer-World’ in for example, ‘Directing’ those situations, people, experiences that one has ‘Postponed’ over a period of ‘time’ and Immediately ‘Step-in’ and ‘Direct’ –One ‘Direct’ one’s ‘Outer-World’ and in constantly/consistently ‘Living’-that one Naturally ‘emerge’ as ‘Self Directive Principle’ –thus through ‘Applying’-it and ‘Living’-it ‘Immediately’ within one’s ‘Outer-World’, one’s ‘Inner-World’ within-that ‘Change’ Equal and One.

Within-this approach, you are Participating ‘Equal and One’ ‘within’ and ‘without’. So as ‘Without’-Change, ‘Within’-Change because, you’re Immediately ‘within’ Living-you in your ‘Outside-World’, Living-you in your ‘Inside-World’ – so it’s a ‘simultaneous’ ‘Moment of Change’ both ‘within’ and ‘without’ whereas, within the previous-context as we’ve walked-it using the same ‘example’, one would for example ‘sit’ within a room or an enclosed environment and only ‘attempt’ and ‘try’ to Change one’s ‘Inner-Self’ in Standing as the ‘Directive Principle Point’ – talking to oneself, writing, making decisions and all those type-of things – but, it never ‘leads’-to Actual ‘Practical Walking’ within one’s ‘Outside-World’.

And thus, ‘Self Change’ Do Not in-essence Manifest in any way whatsoever but as a ‘Perceptual Belief’ within oneself that one can ‘Create’ in one’s ‘Mind’ that one has Apparently-‘Changed’, but when one is Faced with ‘Practical’ ‘Physical Reality’ situations, circumstances, events, one will ‘Realize’ that : You haven’t, because you haven’t ‘Applied’ and Actually ‘Lived’ ‘Practically’ anything that Self has ‘worked’-on ‘Within’-Self only.
Also, from the perspective of for example, only focusing on the ‘Inner-Self’, you are creating a ‘Polarity’ in relation-to ‘Importance’ from your ‘Outside-World’ to your ‘Inside-World’ where you give ‘more-attention’ to your ‘Inside-World’, your ‘Inside-World’ in-which your ‘Information and Knowledge’ Exist, as the Mind Consciousness System –thus you’re feeding your ‘Alternate Mind Dimensional Reality’ instead of ‘Equalizing’-you ‘within’ and ‘without’ in your Actual ‘Physical World’ through Practically, Effectively ‘Living’ ‘that’-which you want to Change-‘Within’.

So, whatever you wanna Change ‘Within Yourself’ = Live-it ‘Without’ – as in with the example utilized in ‘Directive Principle’.
Within this Process you utilize ‘Self Honesty’ and ‘Self Forgiveness’ –their Functions in their Practical Application is for you to have a ‘Platform’ for yourself as you ‘engage’ in your ‘Physical Participation’ in ‘Actual Reality’ to through ‘Living’ simultaneously ‘Change’ –through Living-‘Without’ simultaneously ‘Change’ your ‘Living Expression’ as Self ‘Within’.
So, for example you use your ‘Self-Honesty’ that you’ve established within yourself ‘In’ your ‘Directive Principle’ in ‘Directing your Reality’ within the Starting-Point of You as ‘Self-Honesty’.

Therein your ‘Self-Honesty’ immediately becomes a ‘Living Practicality’ within your ‘Outside-World’ and your ‘Inside-World’ at the same-time as you are ‘Establishing’ your ‘Directive-Principle’ Living Expression through ‘taking-in’ that ‘Self Directive Principle ‘Stance within ‘Self-Honesty’ immediately within ‘Directing your Reality’ ‘Equal and One’ with and as Yourself.

And so, ‘Self Forgiveness’ to ‘Assist’ and ‘Support’ yourself when you ‘realize’ that you have within your ‘Outside’ - your ‘World-Without’ - you have within your ‘Living’ in moments ‘Accepted’ and ‘Allowed’ yourself to ‘fall’ back-into ‘Patterns’ or ‘Dishonesties’ and ‘Deceptions’ and ‘Lies’ and ‘Secrets’ of your ‘Mind Consciousness System’ you haven’t ‘Assisted and Supported’ Yourself in ‘Self-Change’ in your ‘Practical Action Living’ within your ‘Reality’ through ‘Self-Honest Consideration’ and thus accordingly, apply Self-Forgiveness to Assist and Support Yourself to ‘Stand’ in your ‘Directive-World’ to ‘Change’ your ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’-Reality ‘Equal and One’ in Every Moment through Actual Practical ‘Equal and One Living’ in Breath.

So, we have come-to this ‘Realization’ that the ‘point’ is to ‘simultaneously ‘change your ‘Inside-World’ and your ‘Outside-World’ through ‘Living -You’ Practically in your Actual ‘Physical Reality’, because through ‘Changing’ and ‘Directing’ the ‘Outside’ = you’re ‘Changing’ and ‘Directing’ the ‘Inside’ ‘Immediately’ in-that Moment of ‘Living’.
So, our approach in-essence ‘previously’ before this ‘Understanding’ was within the context-of ‘Love and Light’ – meaning, for example where Beings exist within the Idea/Belief/Perception that ‘Love’, just ‘Loving on the Inside’ will ‘Light-up your Love on the inside, will ‘reflect’ as ‘Light’ on the ‘outside’ and ‘miraculously’ ‘Change Reality’ and ‘Change Yourself’ – but, if you have a look-at ‘that’, there is No ‘Practical Living’ happening in anyway whatsoever within the Being’s ‘Immediate Reality’ –there is No ‘Self-Change’ Actually ‘Being Lived’ within their ‘Outside-World’ – Everything is ‘Created’ within an ‘Inner-Belief System’ of ‘Mind’ as a Existent ‘Illusional/Delusional Dimensional Mirage’.

So, referencing that example to ‘how’ we walked this point ‘before’ in relation-to only wanting to Change our ‘Inner-Realities’ Not ‘Living’ anything ‘Practically’ in our ‘Outside-World’, it’s exactly the ‘same-point’ meaning, the ‘Love’ would be ‘Equal-to’ us attempting-to Change ‘Information’ inside ourselves, ‘believing’ that Only ‘Changing the Information’ inside-ourselves, will miraculously ‘Change’ our ‘Outside-Experience’ within our ‘World’ towards people/events/circumstances and situations –wherein you kind-of just ‘sit on your ass’ and ‘do nothing’, only existing in ‘Hope’.

Therefore, ‘Stop-Hope’ –‘Stop-Love’ –‘Stop- Light’, become ‘Active Participants’ within your ‘Reality’ within your Actual ‘Physical World’ in changing Your ‘Outside-World’, because in doing-so by Immediately ‘Living’-within your ‘Outside-World’, for example: ‘Directive Principle’, Directing your ‘Outside-World’ you’re ‘Immediately’/’simultaneously’ within-that Living ‘Self Directive Principle’.