By Bernard Poolman
09 May 10

Okay so we’re ‘Here’ to discuss ‘The Sun Project’.

‘The Sun Project’ has been at the ‘center’-of Human Civilization right throughout ‘Time’ where the ‘Sun’ has been the ‘Representation’ of, ‘strange’-enough, ‘Equality’, because the ‘Sun’ rises over All ‘Equally’.
And then the ‘Plants’ and ‘that’-which uses the ‘heat of the Sun’ which ‘use-it’ and ‘Labor’ with-it and ‘Create’ from-it ‘something-useful’ –and then make-it ‘available’ to Everyone ‘For Free’.

But then, came along an ‘amazingly’ clever-‘thing’ called the ‘Human’, and the ‘Human’ realized that it could ‘pretend’ that it knows-‘more’ than that which Gives ‘Equally’ to ‘Everything’ and it could ‘create’ a way to Not ‘only’ ‘Control’ and ‘Dominate the World’, but also ‘Each-Other’ – and What is the ‘Human’ actually ‘Dominating’ but the ‘Sun’ or ‘attempting’ to ‘Dominate the Sun’ which is represented as ‘Ra’ and which is represented as ‘God’ and ‘Man’ is attempting to be ‘God’ within the context-of this ‘World’.

So, as ‘the Sun Project’ one Must ‘Look’ and ‘Realize’ a simple-thing:
That if the ‘Plants’ had to ‘charge money’ to the ‘Animals’ and the ‘Birds’= there would’ve been quite a ‘problem’.
First of all the ‘Plants’ would’ve Produced ‘more’ than what they could ‘use’, and secondly obviously it would’ve caused the ‘End’ of the ‘Animals’ .

Now strange-enough in this World what is the whole ‘idea’ of ‘Money’ as it ‘exist’ within ‘Capitalism’ represent? It’s representing part of ‘Humanity solely ‘being -driven’ to Complete ‘Starvation’ –it’s like killing of ‘part-of Mankind’ purely because one wants to have… What? Money? Security? But what you have in the first-place is just a ‘Belief System’.

You have a ‘Belief-System’ of ‘Values’ that is ‘so-ingrained’ that Nobody ‘See’ that this ‘Value-System’ is now ‘permeating’ Everything Man ‘touches’ – but it has ‘nothing ‘ to-do with ‘Reality’, because ‘Reality’ Do-Not ‘Equate’ for, for instance, How the ‘Sun’ is Actually ‘Producing’ the ‘Food’ on the Planet in ‘bulk’. Then ‘Man’ goes and put ‘Values’ on-it and call-it ‘Money’, and then Man ‘Control’ what the ‘Sun’ and the ‘Earth’ Produce-‘Together’ and call-that ‘Economy’ – is an ‘Eco’ and ‘No-Me’ there is No ‘I Am’ in the ‘Eco-No-Me’ because there is Not a ‘Living-thing’ in the ‘Human Economy’ – the ‘Human Economy’ is a ‘Mind’-thing, it’s a Constant ‘Mind-Fuck’ where Everybody ‘lies’ to each-other, and the one that ‘lies’ the ‘best’ and ‘deceives’ the ‘most -effectively’= ends-up with the Most-‘Money’.

It is ‘All’ just ‘Robbers’ there’s not even ‘Cops’ – because you have ‘Cop-outs’ and ‘Robbers’ because those that Do-Not ‘Have’ the ‘Inner-Strength’ to ‘Stand’ = have a ‘Cop-out’ and ‘Accept the System the way it-is’ through a ‘Believe’ and saying:
‘There’s nothing I can ‘do’ about-it, I mean I ‘found-it’ like ‘this’ and I don’t know ‘what to do’ now, I will just ‘live’ in my ‘little-corner’ and, pretend I don’t ‘see’ what’s going on in the ‘World’, let’s me ‘Start Religion’ and I will ‘Pray for Everyone’, everyday; that is my ‘Service to Mankind’, I will be ‘Kind’ that I’ll ‘Pray’ that your ‘eyes may open and you can see what you can do’ what you’re doing to ‘each-other’’

‘Religion’ is like a form-of ‘Self-Justification’ that is ‘Beyond’ Insanity – all that has ‘Religion’ as their ‘Excuse’ are ‘Insane-Fuckers’ and, the only-way to have the ‘Sane’ in the World out of your ‘way’ is to Create ‘Psychiatry’ – I mean to try and ‘find a way’ to ‘banish’ those that Actually ‘See’ by ‘Following a Religion’ – ‘Chemical Control’, ‘Mind Control’ – ‘Please don’t tell me the ‘Truth’, there is No ‘Sun-God’’ –Yes, the ‘Sun’ is ‘God’, it ‘must’-be because the ‘Sun’ does ‘things’ that the ‘Human Being’ can’t! The ‘Sun’ support ‘all the Plants in the World’ while the Human Being can’t even ‘Support their Neighbor’, I mean it is an ‘Absolute’ Indictment against the ‘Human’ in terms-of its ‘Nature’ because, the ‘Human’ Can ‘See’ that this ‘example’ exist of what the ‘Sun’ Share in ‘Equality’ – the ‘Sun’ Is in a Process of: ‘Love thy Neighbor’ ‘Demonstrating’-it – that’s why it must be part of our ‘Mythology’.

And what is ‘Born’ from the ‘Sun’ is: its ‘Child’ – What is its ‘Child’?
‘ The ‘Sun God’ Sends its ‘Child’’ = the ‘Food’ that’s Produced through ‘Photosynthesis’ and the ‘Energy of the Sun’ which is the ‘Food’ of ‘Man’ – So ‘God’ sent his ‘Son’ to Earth that ‘Man’ May Live’.
And ‘Fuck’-knows what does ‘Man’ do? Man Creates ‘Economies’.

I mean the ‘Ecology’ was working ‘fine’ because that’s a ‘Logic’ to the ‘Ecology’ = ‘Eco’-‘Logic’ which is ‘Ecology’, if you follow that ‘Logic’ you have ‘Reason’ – if you follow the ‘Logic of Man’ = You have ‘Treason’, ‘Man’ is the ones that is Committing ‘Treason’ Against ‘Life’ – ‘Crimes’ Against ‘Life’ by ‘Allowing’ the whole-idea of apparent ‘Free-Choice’.
Does the ‘Plant’ have a ‘Choice’ to ‘grow’ or ‘not-grow’ –the ‘Plant’ grows because it’s got everything that it ‘needs’ – if it doesn’t = it doesn’t ‘grow’.

If one look at an ‘Equal Money System’, you can take-that as the ‘Sun’. There will still be ‘Seasons’ and there will still be ‘Labor’, and ‘that’ will still ‘take-place’.

At the moment you Cannot ‘Equate’ your current ‘Belief System’ in this World to ‘anything’ because you’ve been ‘Programmed’ to ‘Accept’ a ‘False-hood’ as ‘Reality’, where a ‘Winner: Takes -All’ and ‘Loser: Shuts-up’ – and that is ‘Acceptable’.

And have a ‘look’: Nobody wants to ‘take’ this ‘Veil’-off because: you’re ‘Hoping’ for the ‘Jackpot’ the whole-time to get ‘Everything’ for ‘Nothing’ –

‘Free Energy’: the ‘Ultimate Mind-Fuck’ of the ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ – You ‘Have’ ‘Free-Energy’ already, it’s ‘from the Sun’. But, it’s not gonna give-you a ‘Free Labor’! You’re still going to have to Fucking-‘Work’, Asshole!

So, ‘The Sun Project’ which is the ‘Project’ of ‘Equality for All’ based in ‘Equal Money’ where the ‘Energy’, the ‘Light of the Sun’ ‘lights-up’ Everybody’s Life with ‘Equal Money’ in their pocket for ‘Basic Needs’, ‘Basic Security’ –
‘The Sun Project’ is the ‘Future’ for Mankind let’s honor the ‘Sun’ as ‘God’.