Written originally by Bernard on the forum on 29 Oct 2007 at 06:02 AM

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These Forum Posts were a reponse in a long thread of a person questioning Desteni, where no matter the response, nothing was satisfactory to the original poster because he ultimately did not test the material out for himself.

Equality and oneness design has been interviewed

The design series here to assist--although 10 minutes barely allows a perspective--

knowledge and knowledge is what this reality is moulded as--is limited as this reality shows and as the dead shows that has attempted to return or time--so-- we are not concerned if any-one is not "getting" what we say-- each will--that is inevitable

so--Gibbs--I know it is scary--you have this life you dearly want to cling to--you won't--you know that-- and then we see

or you consider--we would not have gone this far with a controversial message unless there was something very certain

and why would we do this for no money and not to form another society--but just support--and not worried about the outcome for any-one

some will make it--some won't--that is individual-- but know this--you hold nothing in your hand as a system--not even your most precious memories--all useless--and fighting about is or rationalising about it makes no difference

Imagine--before this all started for me--I studied Icke and found the info on Reptilians nonsense--non sensical

so--not what I expected as well --that is why we forced the issues extensively before anything was made public-- and do yourself a favour--communication has been opened as equal and one--obviously what equal and one is must be understood--so - each has access--but not through the mind--you may check all for yourself

we will assist in this--that is why we assist--to find ways to remove all separation--even interdimensionally--but--you may not like what you find--as it is not what you thought--and no matter what you think--that thoughts will only manifest as you as you continue--only to be forced by yourself to be given up again--and in this inner battle all stand alone

beyond thought-- something awaits all--this will not be revealed--as you will find it yourself--that is inevitable

Never a dull moment here--certainly--read the material first--please--it is a mission to explain every time what has already been explained at length--and if that is not sufficient--then use the interdimensional communication and check it yourself--theories are useless--as is knowledge--go direct and check yourself--unless you fear what may happen to u if you lose control over your mind--but then--you are not your mind--but ==maybe you are--you find out

certainly we must have tickled some fancy-- but what have you done to establish what will be effective for all life on earth--anything--or is that just theories and conjecture as well

so-- go direct--the opportunity is here as per the interviews--how to do it--the key is brutal self honesty--if you dare